Products & Services


Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles have evolved over recent decades to become the foremost ‘go to’ product for commercial textile flooring.

This modular product manufactured in both tiles and planks offers an expansive expression of design, colour and pattern.

Being modular, costs synergies are afforded by ease of installation and repairs.


Vinyl Planks (LVT)

Another modular product that offers a wide range of colours and patterns, with the added advantage of simple maintenance.

Having a printed pattern under a PVC wear layer means that these products can emulate natural products such as timber and stone.

Installation patterns can also add style to your floor.


Sheet Vinyl

Used extensively within the industry, especially when looking for an impervious, low maintenance, hard wearing floorcovering. E.g. schools, retail, hospitals and clinics.

Being a flexible product it can easily be turned up perimeters to form a cove. All seams can be welded to give that a tight finish.


Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring is a very versatile product made in various thicknesses to suit the application.

Widely used in Gymnasiums for all types of activities from weights to cardio areas.

Offers sound reduction and comfort under foot.

Decorative ranges can be used in most decorative areas.


Floor Preparation

The key to every successful installation is the floor preparation.

Many installations will require remediation to the subfloor including but not limited to, diamond grinding, moisture barriers and engineered cements to ensure the successful installation of any floorcovering.

Australian Standard 1884-2012 is the key to this process.



Generally supplied in 3.60 – 4.00 metres wide broadloom carpet offers comfort and sound reduction underfoot.

The manufacturing process offers the use options of loop, cut and plush piles, depending on the feel and appearance you are after.

When installed it tends to display a seamless appearance.


Wall Vinyl

Homogenous sheet vinyls are produced for wall applications, such as bathrooms, laboratories, bumper rails, operating theatres, and food processing areas.

Due to the impervious and tight surface these products are relatively easy to clean and minimise bacterial while offering protection of the wall.