Working with Covid

This year was a challenge for everyone as our lives changed rapidly due to the global pandemic. The construction industry was lucky enough to continue operating, which we are very grateful for. Many offices in the CBD were forced to work from home, this led to an increase of fit out work. Many businesses were able to replace there flooring during normal business hours instead of nights or weekends, ultimately reducing the cost of the project. LOMAC ensures site safety & hygiene is a priority throughout this period, providing sanitiser and face masks to all staff and abiding by the social distancing guidelines. 

Focus in Fit Outs

 The team at LOMAC have worked hard this year to implement themselves as a strong company in the fit-out sector. We have upgraded our processes to be more efficient and effective at this style of work. The tight deadlines and fast turnover between projects keeps the adrenaline going and encourages the team to get the project over the line. 

I’ve Been Everywhere Man

Literally. As a company we enjoy completing projects outside of the city and do not mind travelling far, far away! It gives the team an opportunity to see the beautiful countryside and an important break from the busy city of Sydney.

This spring we were even contracted to replace 6 square metres of vinyl in Broken Hill. 24 hours of driving for 3 hours of work! In addition to this project, we have also worked in Young, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and many other distant suburbs in NSW. 

Why The Change?

The way we live and work was not the only thing that changed this year, the Australian Standards did too. A new release of AS1884-2021 was published “5 February 2021”. There were many changes to the standard which will now change the way LOMAC operates. One of the important changes is: 

  • Sand cement screeds are no longer suitable for resilient floorcoverings as they do not possess the required tensile and compressive strength. 

This means an engineered cement must be used when preparing a subfloor to prevent failure of the subfloor. We repaired a project this year and it displayed exactly why sand cement screeds should not be used.

You can purchase the full standards from to view a detailed report of industry practices.

Traning The Future

With so many people being out of work this year it is important as a company that we offer as many opportunities as possible to encourage our young workforce to join the flooring industry. As a group we take pride in training our young staff to one day become either a certified installer, estimator, or project manager. 

Bring it On!

With the financial year coming to an end, we review the year and look back at what a wild year it has been. We would like to thank our clients and suppliers who have provided work throughout these hard times. In this next coming year LOMAC will continue to strengthen as a reliable company you can count on to complete you project!